• Students are responsible for updating their details and this should be rectified in administration.
  • Students’ details are private and confidential. Request for such details will not be addressed.
  • The maximum number of students allowed in every batch is 15.
  • The Regular Course started with a minimum of 3 to 5 students.
  • A special Course has been started for a smaller number of students.
  • Inquiring about the number of registered students in a class will not be addressed as this is internal administrative information.
  • Instituto Aleixandre will not provide any information related to a course’s assigned professor in advance.
  • Instituto Aleixandre reserves the right to change the professors after a course has started.
  • Professors will be assigned to their classes after the last date of registration.
  • The desired professor can be allocated if a group of students (minimum 7) sends a joint email, to get registered in the same batch.
  • Instituto Aleixandre has both native and non-native teachers. Allotment of a teacher is based on the availability of the teacher. The institute monitors all its teachers from time to time.
  • Choosing a class or timing option is difficult to change, but possibilities can only be made before the last date of registration.
  • Once a course has started, student requests for a change in batch, date, and time, will not be accepted. After registration, students should check their details in the registration receipt to make sure, they are in the correct batch, date, and timing.
  • Before the first class, students will receive an email from their assigned teachers to join the Google Classroom, where they will get links to attend their classes.
  • It is not possible to attend a missed class by taking a class in a different batch or a group.
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