Be a Part of Instituto Aleixandre’s Strategic Network Partner as an

“Affiliate or Distributor”

Join our Strategic Network Program, Refer Students and Schools from your Network & Earn Passive Income with ZERO investment

Earn a 10% commission on every successful referral from each course, successfully registered by a student you have referred to Instituto Aleixandre

How much you could earn?
If you refer 5 students to REGULAR SPANISH COURSE per week

Your approximate earnings could be:

₹ 3,12,000 per year**

or  ₹ 6,500 per week*


    • Easily Registration Process
    • Effective Network Utilization
    • Multiple Ways To Refer
    • No joining fees
    • No targets
    • Monthly Income Can Cross 1 Lakh+
    • Unlimited Referrals

Why join Aleixandre’s Strategic Network Partner Program?

Use your existing school/ student network and earn amazing passive income

Zero investment, High returns

You do not have to worry about investing anything! Just bring in more enrolments and help students to learn Spanish.

Utilize your network, grow your income

You do not have to go anywhere! Just make the best use of your existing student/ school network to grow your income. Empower students to learn, practice, and master in fastest-growing language and get benefitted in the process.

Minimal effort, huge income

You do not have to spend your entire day in this! By investing a little time, you can create an easy and excellent source of passive income.

3 Simple steps to join Aleixandre’s Strategic Network Partner Program

Register yourself for free
Refer Schools/ Colleges/ Coaching Centers/ Students from your network
Earn a passive income from Instituto Aleixandre

* For every new student. 

Rs 13,000 fees * 10% commission = 1,300 Rs. 

Rs 1,300 * 5 students = 6,500* Rs per week.

Rs 6,500 per week * 4 weeks * 12 months = 3,12,000** Rs per year.

Do not miss this chance to get a big amount of money.

Refer/convince people/students of schools, colleges, and coaching centers from your network to learn Spanish from Instituto Aleixandre, and after their successful registration, you will get your money, through UPI (Google Pay / Paytm) or bank transfers for every new student.

Despite specific requirements like qualification, age limit, training, and experience, anyone can join our strategic network program.

You can also send us details of referred students by mail or on Aleixandre’s official WhatsApp number +91-8585995993.

Have questions, ask us through WhatsApp and join our strategic network program by registering yourself.

Our motive for this strategic network program is to promote Spanish as a foreign language and help teachers and counsellors to earn huge incomes from their student’s network.

Strategic Network Program Form:

Frequently Asked Questions

There any only referral codes. And referral codes are your name and the first 3 digits of your mobile number that you had submitted to Instituto Aleixandre at the time of joining our strategic referral program.

Example of referral code: Roshan987

Name: Roshan

Phone number: 9875142565

Yes, you can change your referral code (mobile number) by sending us a email or on WhatsApp to rectify the same details on our database.

You will get your commission after the student pays its fees and the course starts. The commission could be paid by (UPI) Google Pay or Paytm. After successful registration, we will contact you to confirm your payment details.

A student should be new to Instituto Aleixandre at any level or course.

    1. A student had filled the "referred from" section in the registration form.
    2. You can also provide us student details, whom you referred by mail or WhatsApp.

Students will get an additional discount along with discounts going on the institute or the institute's website from time to time, like seasonal discounts.

The commission is for every new student. And it would be paid once for every new student despite his/her level or course. Commission cannot be paid twice for a student. But you can refer an unlimited number of students to get unlimited times of commission.

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