Frequently Asked Questions

The registration procedure in the Instituto Aleixandre is very simple.

The Instituto Aleixandre offers two types of courses for adults and a course for children and teenagers to adapt to students' needs, interests, and availability.

    1. Choose the type of Spanish course, Regular or Special course.
    2. Choose the level, start date, end date & timings of the course.
    3. Fill in the Registration Form on the registration and payments page or send us the registration form through the mail or WhatsApp.
    4. After providing the basic details, pay the course fee (Payment details will be provided at the time of registration).
    5. Received the registration receipt by mail or WhatsApp.
    6. Hooray! Registration complete.
    • Before the first class, students will receive an email from their assigned teachers to join the Google Classroom, where they will get links to attend their classes.
    • Registration can also be made through WhatsApp on Instituto Aleixandre's official phone number 91+8585995993.
    • Registrations are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The syllabus of Instituto Aleixandre is based on two categories:

Instituto Aleixandre syllabus, which is designed according to the students.

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), was established by the European Council to make uniformity and transparency in language throughout the world.

Learning a new language opens many doors to the future and sets up a new world. After learning Spanish, students can do various things like these, but not limited to as students can become a Spanish translators, interpreter, professor, teacher, guide, or work at an embassy, call center, etc.

All our teachers/professors, whether native or non-native speakers have university degrees and teaching experience to teach Spanish as a foreign language. Our teachers are either natives of Spanish-speaking countries or are Dele-certified. This point plays an important role, as a student understands the culture and learns various things about Spain and Spanish-speaking countries.

For any reason, if any of our teachers is not teaching then students can make a complaint to the Head of Studies. We will take serious action against the same.

Instituto Aleixandre offers various types of courses for adults and children/teenagers:

Courses for Adults:

REGULAR COURSE: 48 Hours, 24 Days – 24 Classes (2 hours per class)

3 / 4 / 5 / 6 Days a week. Mon to Sat

For timings and schedules, contact the registration department.



4 / 5 / 6 Days a week. Mon to Sat

For timings and schedules, contact the registration department.


Courses for Children and Teenagers:

SEVEN WEEKS COURSE: 30 Hours, 20 Classes (1.5 hours per class).

3 days a week (Mon to Sat).

For timings and schedules, contact the registration department.


School Course

School course: In this course, the school syllabus will be covered. 2 classes a week. Max 8 classes in a month. 1 hour per class. For timings and schedules, contact the registration department.

People with some knowledge of Spanish who have never studied Spanish at the Instituto Aleixandre, or the students who have not attended any course in the last 6 months or more, must have to take a level test before registering for our Spanish language courses.

Typically, the level test consists of an oral section and, in some cases, a written section. It lasts approximately 30 minutes and costs RS 500 (INR), the sum of which is deductible from the enrolment fee.

Group changes are not allowed. Also, It is not possible to attend a missed class by taking a class in a different batch or a group. A change of course or level is only allowed if it is proven that the student is not enrolled in the correct course or level. In this case, the opinion of the professor is necessary.

The consultation and approval of the Head of Studies will be necessary for any change.

No. A professor may teach a maximum of 3 to 4 consecutive courses to the same group of students. We believe that studying with different professors benefits students and teachers because every teacher has a different way of teaching and interacting with students.

Yes, students can choose their professors if most students from a batch want the same professor. They must send a joint email to the institute for the same. In the end, it depends on the availability of that professor. Therefore, all our professors are specially trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language.

Our courses may involve two types of assessments: a series of evaluation assignments carried out throughout the course or a final exam.

Whether evaluation assignments or a final exam, the student will obtain a final grade based on his/her participation, attendance, evaluation assignments, and final exam, according to the following table:

    • 9-10 Outstanding
    • 7-8 Best
    • 5-6 Pass
    • Less than 5 Fail
What are evaluation assignments?

Evaluation assignments are activities that students perform throughout the course, whose marks will be added to the final result.

Final Exams
    • To move on to a higher level or pass a level, passing the exam with a minimum grade (50%) is necessary for A1, A2, and B1 levels.
    • If a student did not attain the minimum grade, established for passing a level or moving on to a higher level, then he/she must have to repeat the course.
    • If a student fails a level 2 consecutive times, his/her level will not be dropped and he/she can repeat a level an infinite number of times.

Once the course has started, students will get everything from the meeting link, class notes, documents, and books in the Google Classroom application.

Students will get an email to join the Google Classroom application before the first class of every course. At the end of the course, students will get their evaluation/final results from their teachers in the class and in the application.

If a student disagrees with his/her evaluation or final grade, he/she has a right to complain or request a revaluation. The procedure that follows will vary according to the method used:

    • If the student has been graded through evaluation assignments, these must be corrected by the professor in front of the student, so that he/she can be aware of his/her mistakes and results.

If a student is still disagreeing with his/her grades/result, the Head of Studies will analyze the case and take the necessary measures.

    • The course certificate will be provided once a student has completed a course.
    • This type of certificate is issued upon the request of the student.
    • Please allow 7 working days for certificate processing.
    • Course certificate has lifetime validity.

All the students and teachers of the Instituto Aleixandre have full rights to register a complaint by writing a mail to the Head of Studies, if a student or a teacher behaves improperly in the class, with a particular student, or with the whole class. Or targeting a specific group, caste, religion, community, etc. Saying unacceptable comments, bad words in a class, or doing the wrong thing.

The mental and physical health & safety of our students and teachers are important to us. The information of the person, who makes the complaint will remain confidential. And the Head of Studies will take serious action against the complaint.


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