Instituto Aleixandre

The Instituto Aleixandre is the best Spanish language institute, Registered by the Government of India, whose only motive is to provide the best quality Spanish course and to promote Spanish as a foreign language. Our institution has the best teachers from India and Spanish Speaking Countries like Spain and all over South America / Latin America (Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Argentina, Brazil), etc. 

Becoming our teacher is not easy, to become our teacher, a teacher must go through a very difficult process. We choose our teachers like a gem smith to choose a gem. All our teachers teach Spanish from the heart. Because teaching is an art, and not everyone is an artist. we monitor our teachers from time to time, to make them better and to provide the latest technologies. We never compromise on our quality of services at any cost.

Speaking Spanish can be an asset. Learning Spanish is not just an attractive endeavour for those looking to broaden their professional and personal opportunities. As the second most widely spoken language in the world, Spanish has more than 400 million speakers and is the native tongue in 20 different countries.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the US, and there are more Spanish speakers in America than in Spain. The largest population of Spanish speakers resides in Central and South America, but there is also a considerable number of Spanish speakers, more than 40 million, in the United States.

Our Objectives:

Our website offers all the language-related issues requested by students.

Our motive is to provide the best quality Spanish courses and to promote the Spanish language as a foreign language.

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